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Kayzr running weekly dota2 tournaments

Since June, Kayzr (formerly known as BeSports) has been running Dota2 tournaments. 

Starting today, a weekly 5v5 Dota2 tournament will also be held! Gather your stack and join the fun at https://www.kayzr.com !


Remember that tournaments at Kayzr are free! The prize pool (consisting of Coins) will be distributed amosnt ALL participants. To join a tournament, first create a Kayzr account, then create a dota2 profile and then you can sign up for the 1v1 tournaments.

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Looking for Belgian Players to participate in WESG?

Starladder is organising a big tournament for amateur teams! These teams need to be region based (all players from the same country) so this is a nice opportunity for all these tryhards out there to participate!

The GosuGamers event: http://www.gosugamers.net/dota2/events/552-world-electronic-sports-games-2016-dota-2

I received a request from Pr|de to form a team. Read the statement here:

I was wondering if you could create a post on the belgian website so that we can see if we could create a team representing Belgium.

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BeSports presents: weekly Dota2 tournaments!

The time has come! About 6 months after their launch, BeSports finally added Dota2 to their list of games. A small intro from their site:

Aren’t you getting tired of pointlessly playing your game all day? Don’t you miss the thrill of competing? Luckily for you, there’s BeSports!

BeSports is an online platform that offers daily tournaments in a wide range of games. Players of similar skill levels will be matched to compete against each other.

By competing in tournaments, you collect BeCoins, our custom currency.

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